Hi there!

Thanks for checking out the man behind the beard, it means a lot to me.

My name is Chris, and I have been bearded and vegan since 2018. I became Vegan when I met my wife who is a very passionate (and still is) vegan, and she guided me (sometimes not gently) into the world of veganism. Veganism was VERY foreign to myself as I was a competing bodybuilder at the time and was used to eating chicken, rice and sweet potatoes 5 meals a day. It was a big change, but I was open to the idea and I kinda really liked her as well ;). She showed me all the sides of veganism including the animal sanctuary that she owns with her parents. Seeing animals come in and seeing these stories first hand was what finally pushed me to being a vegan.

Why The Bearded Vegan though? Well, I used to run a soap and shaving company for many years, but once becoming vegan my products weren't vegan and I wasn't truly enjoying it enough to revise and research all my recipes to create vegan alternatives. Besides rocking this awesome beard, I didn't want to create something I couldn't enjoy, so The Bearded Vegan was born!

Remember to Live like a King you beautiful bearded bastard! :)


Chris (The Bearded Vegan)